Thursday, February 20, 2014


On april 24, 2013 a group of garment workers was obliged to stay and work although authorities had issued a mass evacuation from the cracking building of Rana Plaza Garments Factory near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1,129 died, mostly women, while many others were seriously injured. They were making clothes for well known western fashion brands.

The consequences of this disaster are far reaching - hundreds of children orphaned, older family members who relied on this source of income now struggling to survive, no time to grieve - their own lives are on the line.

The Raising For Rana non-for-profit initiative is in charge of organizing the fundraising event to mark the one year anniversary of the collapse.

"The aim is to raise enough funds through donations and the event to be able to make a difference to those families who have lost a loved one in the factory collapse. Many of these families are grandparents, now responsible for caring for their orphaned grandchildren with no source of income."  

"With the help of the director of the National Garments Workers Federation in Bangladesh there is a direct link to the families most in need." 

In this day in age this should not be happening... 

Please open your hearts and support Raising for Rana 

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